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Practical Windows Administration Scripting

Author: Malik
Publication date: January 17 2011
Publisher: Charles River M
ISBN: 9781584504610
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Product Description

In today`s global technology market, it is vital for IT administrators to have scripting skills. However, among many administrators and engineers, there is a lot of anxiety about learning how to script due to a lack of understanding about scripting technologies and how to use them. Practical Windows Administration Scripting alleviates this fear by putting the technologies into perspective and creating practical systems administration and automation examples.The book concentrates on scripting for windows administration and engineering tasks using Microsoft Scripting technologies. Starting with an introduction and primer on the various Windows Scripting technologies (windows Script Host, Windows Script Component, HTML application (HTA), WMI, ADSI, and VBScript), the book explains exactly what an administrator needs to know about scripting and which technology is right for which situation. From there the book moves on to discuss scripts, what types of scripts can be used to make Windows administration easier, and how to use the information from the first part of the book to build scripts customized to your particular needs.The book is written for experienced Windows systems administrators, engineers, and helpdesk technicians interested in using Windows Script technologies to automate and manage a Windows environment. If you are a Windows systems administrator or engineer who is well versed with Windows Administration tasks (such as managing services, disks, registry, etc.) and have basic Windows scripting or programming knowledge, this book is for you.



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