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Interactive Services Marketing 3e

Author: Raymond P. Fisk,Stephen J. Grove
Publication date: November 25 2011
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780618641802
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Product Description

Interactive Services Marketing covers the essentials of services marketing--with particular emphasis on the theater model and the impact of technology. The text features a dynamic approach to human interactions--both in face-to-face communication and in connections through technology. The Third Edition focuses on interactions in service environments. The concise text is fully supported by a robust web site, enabling instructors to reinforce the emphasis on technology and allowing students to interact with both the printed text and online material. Pedagogical tools include chapter-opening vignettes, margin notes, end-of-chapter summaries and conclusions, exercises, and Internet activities.


* The theater model places the concept of services in the context of a stage production. This model likens service workers to actors, the customer to the audience, the business organization to the backstage, and the service environment to the stage where the performance unfolds. This student-friendly metaphor describes the service experience in familiar, easy-to-understand terms.
* Part openers explain how section concepts relate to services marketing. Each of these vignettes includes an overview, a model illustrating the organization of the section, and brief chapter outlines. The Third Edition highlights a variety of organizations and businesses, including The Weather Channel, the Louvre Museum, Windsor Court Hotel, and Jordan\\\`\\\`s Furniture.
* The Careers in Services Appendix at the back of the book provides examples of career options in the services industry and resources for additional information. An interactive version of the appendix is available at the Online Study Center.



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