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Survey Sampling, International Edition 7e

Author: Richard L. Scheaffer,William Mendenhall
Publication date: November 25 2011
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781111569341
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Product Description

SURVEY SAMPLING, 7th Edition, International Edition introduces students to the design and analysis of sample surveys via a practical, engaging approach. First, this introductory text begins with brief chapters focused on the important role that sample surveys play in the modern world. Then, each successive chapter builds on this foundation. These chapters start with the problem, describe the methodology needed for solving the problem, and provide the details of the estimation procedure using a compact presentation of the necessary formulas. Each chapter then works out the practical example in full detail. Finally, at the end of each chapter, SURVEY SAMPLING, 7th Edition, International Edition includes a wealth of exercises that enable students to continue practicing and to stretch their grasp of the content.


* Bridges the gap between classroom and practice in two significant ways: First, select sections on weights in unequal probability sampling. Then, they expanded the treatment of nonresponse in Chapter 11, including the use of imputation as a technique for handling some types of nonresponse.
* Emphasizes two cutting-edge sampling techniques: the bootstrap, a modern technique for establishing margins of error and confidence intervals in complex designs, and an adaptive sampling technique for improving estimates while the field work is in progress.
* Incorporates compatible computations: SURVEY SAMPLING, 7th Edition, International Edition``s computations are compatible with modern statistical software, using much fewer hand calculation formulas.
* Utilizes detailed simulations: Key statistical concepts are demonstrated using step-by-step simulations.
* Emphasizes practical aspects: topics include sources of errors in surveys, methods of data collection, designing questionnaires, and guidelines for planning surveys.
* Expands Student Understanding: The "Experiences with Real Data" sections at the end of most chapters enable students to work with both large and small projects, some requiring computations to be handled by a computer, giving them valuable experience.



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