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MY SISTER`S KEEPER film tie-in

Author: Jodi Picoult
Publication date: December 28 2009
Publisher: BOOKPOINT
ISBN: 9780340918623
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Product Description

'This is not just a great page-turning unputdownable read - it deals with sensitive intelligence with one of the major ethical issues of the day' - Claire Rayner "Rarely have I read such an eloquent portrayal of the family in crisis. Every character: real. Every situation: true. Picoult defies you to put this novel down once you've begun it. I do the same." -- Elizabeth George "[My Sister's Keeper] is a brilliant presentation of the kinds of dilemmas often engendered by the very gifts of modern medicine... The clear, true voices of [Jodi Picoult's] characters offer just the right mix, allowing moments of comfort, love and humor to lighten the heavy emotions brought into play when there is no single 'right' answer to a question of life and death. And the interplay of story elements allows for constant, compelling surprises, leading up to the greatest surprise of all as the book ends. Do not expect a miracle. Do expect a powerfully poignant, page-turning read." --San Antonio Express-News 'A remarkable achievement' - Poisoned Pen 'brilliantly told' DAILY MIRROR 'Anna's conflict between love for her sister ('without her, it's hard to remember who I am') and the desire for her own freedom is well portrayed. And Picoult writes with an evident understanding of the damage serious illness can do to a family.' -- DAILY MAIL 'The difficult choices a family must make when a child is diagnosed with a serious disease are explored with pathos and understanding in this 11th novel by Picoult (Second Glance, etc.). The author, who has taken on such controversial subjects as euthanasia (Mercy), teen suicide (The Pact) and sterilization laws (Second Glance), turns her gaze on genetic planning, the prospect of creating babies for health purposes and the ethical and moral fallout that results ...Picoult ably explores a complex subject with bravado and clarity, and comes up with a heart-wrenching, unexpected plot twist at the book's conclusion.'
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